Billy Yoder Horsemanship - Handy Horse Ranch/Trail Class

Saturday, October 7th - 9am to 5pm

Lunch Included

Stanley Rodeo Arena  - 450 W 4th Ave, Stanley, WI

Limit to 10 riders. First Come First Serve! 

    The Handy Horse Ranch Horse or Ranch Trail Class is designed to show your horse’s willingness to perform different tasks that might be asked of him during the course of a normal workday on the ranch. This class consists of various obstacles and the three gaits of walk, trot lope somewhere on the course as specified by the pattern. This class is designed to help people that are new to western showing and want to learn what the ranch trail class is all about. Or, if you have been showing and you would like to fine tune you and your horse to a higher level. Billy will give you tips and show you exercises that will help you get smooth transitions. Most trail classes have mandatory obstacles at each event, some of the common obstacles consist of opening and closing a gate, dragging a log, or crossing a bridge. Some of the obstacles and maneuvers that may be encountered in a Ranch Trail Class include side passing over a log, backing between poles, opening and closing a mailbox, handling a rain slicker, trailer loading, small jump, poles/cones, or turn around/pivoting in a box. He will explain what the judges are looking for in Ranch Trail Class, some of the obstacles you might encounter during the class, and how to perform the maneuvers for some of the obstacles found in trail class.

New for 2023

We are bringing in Clinicians from around Wisconsin!

Sherri Wright Barrel Racing & Horsemanship Clinic

​Saturday, May 6th - Starts at 9am

Stanley Rodeo Arena  - 450 W 4th Ave, Stanley, WI


Maria Bendixen - Starting Cattle Clinic

Saturday, July 8th 

Stanley Rodeo Arena  - 450 W 4th Ave, Stanley, WI

Rain or Shine! If raining, we will move the clinic to Maria's indoor arena in Greenwood. Check it out at

M& M Stables & Arena 

Limit to 10 riders, which will be broke up into 2 sessions. The first session from 9 am to noon and the second from 1 to 4 pm.  

Jennifer Bull - Understanding Ranch Riding and Ranch Trail

Saturday, August 19th - 9am to 5pm

Lunch Included

Stanley Rodeo Arena  - 450 W 4th Ave, Stanley, WI

Limit to 10 riders. First come first serve. 

Jennifer Bull will be teaching the basics to ranch riding. How to do the pattern, how to maneuver, what is expected of the event and answer your questions to help you learn the class and how to improve your performance. The second half of her clinic is on ranch trail. You will learn how to do obstacles,  approach and complete, and what is expected in the class. There will be obstacles to go threw and she will explain them. Her clinic is not limited to just the events, she will help you with any other concerns you may have.